Audience discovery, customer
engagement and acquisition

Audience Store is an international customer insight and next-generation programmatic media activation partner for brands and agencies.

We help

brands understand consumer behaviour and purchasing motivations at a granular level. By applying these actionable insights, we fuel digital marketing for enhanced customer discovery, engagement and acquisition throughout the purchase journey.

We launch

every campaign more intelligently, curating inventory, technology, data and implementing real-time optimizations to achieve your advertising goals with precision digital marketing.

Proud partner of the IAB Gold-approved
2.1 standard

Our team of programmatic pioneers have a strong reputation for delivering brand-safe, high-performance solutions. Recognized as a proud partner of the IAB Gold-approved 2.1 standard, we stand as a trusted partner to inform, create, and consistently deliver cost-effective results.

Meet the leadership team

Chris Phillips

Group CEO

Jon Hewson

Managing Director

Ben Beishon

Head of Client Services

Emanuel Stanciu

Head of Programmatic

Our mission

We are on a mission to reinvent customer discovery, engagement and acquisition by fusing human ingenuity, AI and machine learning to deliver more meaningful ad experiences.

Company values

Be a programmatic pioneer

For us, a programmatic pioneer is a trailblazer driven by a thirst for knowledge and the passion to be first. They embody innovation and exploration and inspire others to follow their path.

Care about people and the world

Working together, we collaborate and stay positive, dedicating time to problem-solving. Our collective focus is on continuous improvement and doing better together.

Client success = our success

We take joy in celebrating our clients’ successes as if they were our own. Through true collaboration, we strive to exceed their marketing goals and take great pride in celebrating their achievements with them.

Keep it smart and simple

Being smart doesn’t equate to being complicated. We leverage AI, technology, and sophisticated insights to empower brands. Embrace the power of simplicity, not complexity.