Discover AI

In response to the fragmented and complex data ecosystem, we developed DiscoverAI, a proprietary audience intelligence solution, which builds what we call ‘complete customers’.

DiscoverAI can integrate and make sense of almost any data, enriching a seed audience and helping you understand your customers’ complex lives with DSP-primed targeting segments.

Gain free access to Discover AI customer data

Reach out to our team, without any obligation, cost, or campaign spending requirements.

Versatile data processing: Discover AI can handle nearly any data set efficiently

DiscoverAI predefined audiences

Using DiscoverAI Audience Store model and build upon pre-defined and offline planning audiences

  • Expand Experian Mosaic profiles and Mosaic segments
  • Access 1000’s of pre-defined Audience segments
  • Digital Audience access to InfoSum and more

DiscoverAI Data enrichment with over 150+ trusted data partners 259,000 permutations of connected audience data and review 88,000+ URLs/apps

Obtain comprehensive insights built from millions of data variables, DiscoverAI scores and segments against the general population.

  • Transactional data
  • Behavioural data sets
  • Media consumption data
  • Geographical data

DiscoverAI generates actionable consumer insights and DSP ready data segments to supercharge your campaign performance

Improved targeting to reduce waste

Improve performance

Deliver personalised experiences driven by data