Audience Store programmatic performance increases charity donations


Midlands Air Ambulance Charity operates three air ambulance helicopters across the UK’s largest operational region, funded through charitable donations to sustain their life-saving work. Their challenge was to raise awareness of their remarkable work, mobilising future donors through compelling messaging and converting their support into donations.


Using DiscoverAI, our proprietary data solution, we uncovered valuable pixel insights for Midland Air Ambulance, understanding their audience’s behaviour and motivations. By segmenting this data, we crafted targeting models shaped to identify high-value customer segments likely to donate to Midlands charitable causes. Employing the latest platform AI, alongside expert optimization, we ran and tested various creatives for optimal results.


Audience Store achieved remarkable donation growth, linking Midland Air Ambulance with new donors, resulting in substantial increases across key donation metrics, which included a 14% rise in one-time donations.


Gift will enquiries


Website enquiries


One off donation increase