Audience Store Targetcast successfully locates incremental customers


Furniture Village is a leading independent furniture retailer in the UK, with more than fifty stores and a wide range of products available or purchase online. As the Black Friday period is a crucial time for retailers, Furniture Village, which is an established TV advertiser, wanted to maximise their messaging during this period, extending reach and frequency of their advertising budget while engaging with new in market furniture audiences that TV has previously struggled to reach cost-effectively.


With the help of Audience Store’s DiscoverAI, we enriched Furniture Village’s audience by giving us a deeper understanding of customer behaviour on TV, walled gardens, and the open web. By utilizing DiscoverAI’s DSP-ready insights and partner TV data, we were able to connect the dots to more effectively reach light TV viewers and on-linear TV viewers across BVOD, Connected TV, YouTube, and premium video inventory on the open web.


66% Incremental reach efficiency on CTV

Furniture Village’s Black Friday campaign was highly successful, reaching new custom intent audience groups. The campaign was successful across all platforms, with significant success in CTV, reaching 66% of viewers who were not reachable through TV advertising.


Incremental reach efficiency on CTV


Incremental reach on top of TV & linear