Brand Impact

Unlock the power of premium contextual, behavioural and location advertising with Audience Store Brand Impact. We elevate attention and engagement with smart targeting and high-impact ads.

AS Studio creates outstanding ads, activated across channels, optimised for brand metrics, and segmented for specific audiences.

Brand ads that demand attention

Maximise your brand’s impact with smart audience and contextual targeting on premium websites, using innovative ad formats that unleash creativity.

Why choose Audience Store brand impact?

Deeper insights with DiscoverAI

Gain a stronger understanding of audience interests and desires for enhanced targeting.

Curate premium inventory

We carefully select premium inventory to access high-quality placements and data, ensuring your brand stands out effectively.

Capture attention with creative excellence

Our creative studio crafts innovative ad formats for heightened engagement.

Enhance performance with contextual relevance

Utilise AI-powered contextual targeting to align with premium content.

The right moment

Using real-time data and interactive features to engage audiences at the right moment, fostering stronger connections, and building brand metrics.

Measure brand impact

Access real-time analytics and utilise brand studies for enhanced brand recognition and effectiveness.

Audience Store smart ads increase brand metrics

Discover AI intelligence

DiscoverAI integrates diverse data, enriches audiences, and shapes contextual and behavioural brand campaigns. Identify precise audiences, tailor strategies to brand objectives, and amplify performance through data-driven optimisation.

Creative ad units across all channels

Launch campaigns across multiple channels, leveraging premium video and high-impact display inventory, optimising targeting and real-time metrics.

Curated YouTube channels and premium publishers

Access top-tier ad placements across premium publishers on YouTube for maximum visibility and impact.

Contextual targeting

Powerful contextual targeting capabilities significantly boost audience engagement and interaction.

We measure the metrics that are important to you

Measure brand impact effectively through advanced metrics aligning campaigns with marketing goals, utilising Brand Lift studies and perception metrics.

Top tier inventory and Guaranteed brand safety

IAB Gold accreditation guarantees brand-safe inventory and activation, ensuring a secure advertising environment.