AS Performance harnesses DiscoverAI’s audience intelligence, integrating cutting-edge technology, real-time data and AI predictive-driven models to optimise digital marketing efficiency.

Customised to the performance goals that matter to your business, we help you find and engage the right audiences to maximise campaign effectiveness.


Data driven performance marketing

Unlock the potential of data-driven marketing with audience-first targeting, blending AI, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technology to maximise campaign effectiveness and drive superior results.

Why choose Audience Store performance?

Smart targeting with DiscoverAI

DiscoverAI data powers precise targeting in cookieless or blended solutions, enhancing audience reach and future-proofing marketing strategies.

Maximised impact

Leverage a tech-agnostic model to maximise ad spend impact across diverse platforms and technologies, ensuring efficient campaign performance.

Access to extensive audience data

Tap into a vast data pool of over 259,000 audience segments, enabling precise behaviour, intent, geo and interest targeting.

Enhance search with keyword data

Incorporate keyword data to boost search traffic and conversions effects, reaching new audiences and increasing conversion opportunities across platforms.

Minimised ad budget wastage

Employ smart targeting to minimise ad budget wastage by directing ads to relevant audience segments, improving efficiency and ROI.

Achieve measurable results

Outcome-focused advertisers can achieve measurable results and optimise advertising efforts for maximum impact, driving business objectives effectively.

We blend AI and human ingenuity to guarantee success

Discover AI intelligence

Enriches seed audiences using vast, trusted data, unveiling unique contextual, geo and audiences.

Premium inventory

Access premium inventory for performance advertising through direct integrations and intelligent marketplace ads tailored to your outcomes.

Advanced remarketing

Drive conversions with personalised retargeting ads, re-engaging users effectively for improved performance.

Optimisation and custom bidding

Cutting-edge technology and AI models optimise digital marketing efficiency, enhanced by customised bidding.

Guaranteed brand safety

IAB gold standard certification ensures brand-safe, in-view inventory at scale, guaranteeing quality audiences performance advertisers.

Lookalike data modelling

Expand and enrich targeting, drive performance, and discover new customers efficiently.