Audience first beyond just linear TV, our all screen planning and buying expertise unlocks insights, opportunities and harmonises TV and Online Audiences to gain significant incremental reach above traditional TV, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and attention levels.

Unlock enhanced outcomes with Targetcast by seamlessly accessing high quality Connected TV. Curated premium inventory and tailored audiences leveraging TV viewership data for cost-effective outreach to incremental audiences.

Get the best results with Targetcast

Enjoy seamless streaming of Premium Connected TV and Video Ads within our curated premium inventory and custom audience segments. Try Targetcast today for an unmatched TV advertising experience.

Why choose Audience Store Targetcast?

Streamlined access to premium CTV and video content

Targetcast provides a unified platform for accessing premium Connected TV and video content, simplifying campaign management and delivering better results.

Premium inventory integrations

Direct integrations and marketplace activation present advertisers’ access to premium first look inventory at lower costs.

Focused campaigns for enhanced metrics

Deliver brand metrics and achieve incremental reach with targeted campaigns. Dedupe Barb data against impression level data to gauge true incrementality.

TV data powered planning and precision targeting

Combining DiscoverAI, Barb, Automatic Content Recognition, Impression Level Data and data partner segments to enable highly tailored audience targeting based on TV viewership data connecting with linear TV campaigns.

Maximum reach across CTV inventory

Reach over 74% of UK households with Targetcast’s access to premium CTV inventory.

Unified reporting and measurement

Targetcast offers holistic campaign insights and comprehensive reporting solutions for continual improvement.

Audience Store Targetcast TV & video

Boost engagement with high-attention formats

Utilise in-view video ads on premium publisher and CTV platforms for up to 85% attention rates. (Compared to 69% linear TV and 42% social video)

Connect directly with premium publishers

Direct integrations and marketplace activation drive access to premium inventory, optimising costs for advertisers effectively.

All-screen video and TV

Targetcast facilitates brand connection across BVOD, CTV, YouTube, and premium publishers, accessing premium content often on a first look basis.

Partner ACR TV data and targeting

Tailored audience targeting leverages partner data segments and Automatic Content Recognition data, ensuring precise campaign reach and relevance.

TV and digital video cross screen planning

DiscoverAI cross-screen planning identifies and engages incremental audiences, amplifying campaign effectiveness through strategic targeting.

Market leading measurement capabilities

Comprehensive campaign activation, optimisation, and reporting, alongside measurement solutions, empower robust performance assessment and improvement.